Founded in 1971, ANLY was the first Taiwanese corporation to design and manufacture timers for automatic control. After more than 50 years, we have earned customers’ hearts and trust around the globe through our dedication in quality and innovation in technology, establishing ANLY as the leader in the industry.

  • 電腦化及現代化的體系


    From placing the order to delivering the products and after-sale experience, each customer is tracked with our secure internal computer system. Also, each component is tracked from entering ANLY to the production line and each product is tracked from the production line to customers’ hands. These information is shared among the headquarter office, branch offices, sales offices and manufacturing plants to help us manages accurate production planning, fast response time and prompt delivery schedule.

  • 經過證明的品質


    At ANLY, quality is a principle embedded throughout the whole production chain. Starting from the suppliers to the factory floor, the quality of each component, part and product is checked, rechecked, double-checked, and checked again. For example, just the timing accuracy alone, our timers are subject to tests up to 24 hour long. And these efforts are appreciated by our long-time customers, such as Hitachi. It is also why we were chosen to be the official supplier for the WorldSkills Competition held by International Vocational Training Organization.

  • 經過測試的品質


    It is a policy at ANLY that before designs enter the production lines, designs are tested to their absolute limits. During production runs, sampled products are again tested till failures. These tests range from simple drop tests to the sophisticated impulse noise and magnetic filed noise tests that require specialized noise simulators. These tests are done to ensure consistent quality when the products reach the customers.

  • 品質及安全性認證


    The quality of ANLY is backed by numerous international certifications. For products safety and behaviour, our products are UL, C-UL, CE and CCC certified for American, Canadian, European and Chinese regulations respectively. For quality management, we are certified to be in accordance to ISO 9001: 2015 which specifies for corporate processes towards products quality and customers satisfactions assurance. These are the results of our continuous stride for objective quality certifications.

  • 特殊用途積體電路


    With the advancements in LSI (Large Scale Integration), we lent our experience in automatic control to LSI and develop ASIC chips specifically for timing and control purposes, an industry first in Taiwan. The move from discrete-component design to ASIC design involves very costly developmental processes but benefits the performance of the products by reducing the total components counts and eliminates many errors associated to variations in analog parts. It also offers miniature designs only possible with ASIC.

  • 堅強的研發陣容


    Research and development are the roots of ANLY. In fact, ANLY's founder is an engineer and still leads the R&D team to satisfy customers' desire for precise timing and reliable control. The team's ability is confirmed by ANLY's status as an ODM for the Japanese electronic giant from Osaka. Following its tradition, the R&D team always carefully constructs and thoroughly tests all designs. At ANLY, R&D is the first line of defence on quality because quality products can only stem from quality designs.

  • 多處的服務及銷售據點


    We have set up several sales points around Asia. In Taiwan, the headquarter office and the manufacturing plant reside at Taipei and two branch offices are located at Taichung and Kaohsiung. Three other branch offices are at Kowloon, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia. In China, we have set up a sales office in Wuxi to complement the manufacturing facility there. Any of these sales points and other local dealers around the world can assist customers regarding quotes inquiry, orders placement, technical support, and after-sale services.


    From the Autobahn in Germany to the Shin-Kan-Sen in Japan, from the Outback of Australia to the Pyramid of Egypt, in more than 50 years we have made friends with business in more than 40 countries in all five continents. Our products are used and appreciated around the globe because we are keen to adapt different electrical behaviour, government regulations, operational tendencies, and process environments to all customers’ needs and expectations.

  • 與其他公司的合作


    With the experience and quality, ANLY is the brand that is trusted by customers ranging from the Japanese electronic giant from Osaka to well-known local Taiwanese firms such as Taian Electric and Shilin Electric. These long-time satisfied customers are testimonials to our efforts in meeting their demands and abilities to cooperate with their directions. We have experience in OEM and ODM for other firms and always welcome other corporations to utilize the ANLY advantages.